Q: Is the software safe?
A: Yes, the software only makes changes to the ‘parameter’ space. The software does not make changes to the file you have loaded, the changes are saved out to a new file so you always have an untouched original which can be reflashed if you wish to restore back to your original parameters.

Q: How safe is flashing my ECU / DME? What happens if the flash is interrupted or I screw up the file?
A: As above, as long as you have your original read, you can always restore your known good backup. Have a read of this post and watch the video where I deliberately flash junk into the DME.

Q: Can’t I just make these changes manually with HexEdit or similar?
A: Sure you can

Q: Does your software correct the checksums?
A: Yup

Q. I want to try the ‘burble and pop’ feature. Will it wreck my cats?
A. Long term, possibly. Running a decat is advisable

Q. I have cats, can I try the BuildJournal Backfire stuff?
A. No, the BuildJournal Backfire tune was designed to work with decats only.

Q. I’ve applied the inertia fix along with CSL shifting / rev matching. Do I need to update my SMG DME?
A. For best result, yes. Full instructions on how to perform this upgrade can be found here!

Q: Will this work with my tune from ‘tuner x’?
A: If you’re able to get a legit read from your ECU/DME that isn’t encrypted or scrambled then yes. However, the tool won’t touch any other parameters in your tune so your tune will not be negatively effected.

Q: How long will it take to receive my license?
A: Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your license, it’s a manual process so I need to be on a computer to do it. During the hours of 8am and 10pm (GMT )your activation key *should* be returned to you within 30 mins unless I no access to my computer.

Q: I’ve purchased a license already, do I get upgrades when you update the software?
A: Sure you do, just download the latest build and your license will be read automatically.

Q: I want to make multiple changes to my car, do I need to purchase multiple licenses?
A: Nope, a single license will allow you unlimited changes to your ECU.

Q: What’s with the multi-version license?
A: The multi-license allows unlimited changes to any variant of the MSS52 /MSS54 / MSS54HP ECU, perfect for those who tune/tweak peoples ECUs for a bit of extra pocket money or for those who want to use the product commercially.

Q: I’ve decided I don’t want to use your software after purchasing it, can I have a refund? I’ve not used the software…..honest!
A: Due to the nature of software, refunds are not possible. If for whatever reason the software doesn’t work as expected, shoot me a mail, I’ll help you out where I can.

Q: I want to purchase your Evolve Automotive E46 M3 remap, however my car is already tuned. Will it be ok to overwrite my existing tune?
A: For best results you should always start with a stock file, many stock software versions can be found on the downloads page.

Q: Are there any ‘how to’ guides for using your software?
A: Sure, take a look at the ‘how to’ links below!

‘How To’ Guides

A complete run down of the features included in the MSS5x Binary Modification Tool

Using the MSS5x Binary Modification Tool

How to purchase and apply an Evolve Remap with the MSS5x Binary Modification Tool

Upgrading your SMG DME / ECU to CSL ‘255’ software