Wiring your GM Map Sensor / IAT Sensor for use with a ‘CSL’ clone ECU

In order to run ‘CSL’ software on your main engine ECU / DME you need to run a MAP sensor. A ‘GM’ 1 Bar MAP sensor is an affordable alternative to the genuine BMW Bosch unit.

The MAP sensor is wired to the DME via 3 wires.

The wires are connected in the following manor:

MAP Sensor – Pin A to DME – X60003 Pin 17 (Brown/Orange) or X60003 Pin 16 – Ground
MAP Sensor – Pin B to DME – X60003 Pin 18 (Yellow) – Signal
MAP Sensor – Pin C to DME – X60003 Pin 7 (Red/Green) – Shared Power (5V)

Map Sensor PINout

A relocated IAT is often also required, the wiring for the IAT sensor should be connected in the following manor:

IAT Sensor – Pin 1 to DME – X60003 Pin 22 (Yellow/Blue) – Power
IAT Sensor – Pin 2 to DME – X60003 Pin 25 (Brown) – Ground

The wiring for the IAT sensor is reversible at the IAT end.

For identifying the connectors at the ECU / DME end, please refer to the following pin out.

MSS54 Pinout