Below is a list of downloads hosted by ECUWorx, the Binary Modification & Remap Tool will always be available from this page so be sure to grab the latest version from here.

Recently Updated! – MSS65 / BMW E6x M5/M6 Binary Modification & Remap Tool
BMW E6x M5/M6 Binary Modification Tool – Build 1.6.3 (exe)
BMW E6x M5/M6 Binary Modification Tool – Build 1.6.3 (zip)

Recently Updated! – MSS60 / BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Binary Modification & Remap Tool
BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Binary Modification Tool – Build 1.9.5 (exe)
BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Binary Modification Tool – Build 1.9.5 (zip)

MSS6x Flasher prerequisite files
Files required to run and operate MSS6x Flasher

MSS5x Binary Modification & Remap Tool for E39 M5 & E46 M3 / M3 CSL
BMW E46 M3 / E39 M5 (MSS5x) Binary Modification Tool – Build 1.7.0 (exe)
BMW E46 M3 / E39 M5 (MSS5x) Binary Modification Tool – Build 1.7.0 (zip)

If you are unable to download any of the above files, please try another browser.

E39 M5 & E46 M3 ECU / DME Utility (Reads ECU flash counter, VIN, faults etc)
E39 M5 / E46 DME Utility – Build V1.0 (zip)

MSS5x Binary Converter (Converts full reads to partial reads)


MSS5x 0DA to BIN Converter (Converts SP Daten ‘0DA’ files into 32KB or 64KB binaries)


ECUWorx Remote Support

If you require remote support please download Teamviewer from below, once downloaded, fire up the application and e-mail the ID and password to us.

Teamviewer (Quick Support)

Stock files – BMW

Below is a list of stock partial binaries that can be used if you wish to revert your car to stock once you’ve identified your binary version.

DO NOT download the below files and flash them without triple checking that the file is correct for your ECU/DME. An incorrect version will result in a non running car. You have been warned!

E39 – MSS52

Coming soon!

E46 – MSS54

A7831824 – 211322000701J404.bin
A7831827 – 211322000701J409.bin
A7831830 – 211322000701QD04.bin
A7831833 – 211322000701QD09.bin

A7833894 – 211322001501J424.bin
A7833896 – 211322001501J444.bin
A7833905 – 211322001501J464.bin
A7833913 – 211322001501J449.bin
A7833925 – 211322001501JD34.bin
A7833927 – 211322001501JD54.bin
A7833929 – 211322001501JD74.bin
A7833935 – 211322001501JD59.bin
A7834745 – 211322001501J4E9.bin
A7834747 – 211322001501J4G9.bin
A7834751 – 211322001501JDD9.bin
A7834753 – 211322001501JDF9.bin

A7837908 – 211322002101J424.bin
A7837910 – 211322002101J444.bin
A7837912 – 211322002101J464.bin
A7837918 – 211322002101J449.bin
A7837920 – 211322002101Q424.bin
A7837922 – 211322002101Q444.bin
A7837924 – 211322002101Q464.bin
A7837928 – 211322002101Q449.bin
A7837930 – 211322002101JD34.bin
A7837932 – 211322002101JD54.bin
A7837934 – 211322002101JD74.bin
A7837940 – 211322002101JD59.bin

A7842556 – 211322002601JD39.bin
A7842558 – 211322002601JD79.bin

A7842972 – 211322002801J429.bin
A7842974 – 211322002801J469.bin
A7843306 – 211322002801JD39.bin
A7843308 – 211322002801JD79.bin
A7843310 – 211322002801Q429.bin

E46 – MSS54HP

A7834912 – 211323001601J424.bin
A7834914 – 211323001601J444.bin
A7834916 – 211323001601J464.bin
A7834918 – 211323001601J429.bin
A7834920 – 211323001601J469.bin
A7834922 – 211323001601J449.bin
A7834924 – 211323001601JD34.bin
A7834926 – 211323001601JD54.bin
A7834928 – 211323001601JD74.bin
A7834930 – 211323001601JD39.bin
A7834932 – 211323001601JD79.bin
A7834934 – 211323001601JD59.bin

A7835566 – 211323001801J424.bin
A7835568 – 211323001801J444.bin
A7835570 – 211323001801J449.bin
A7835572 – 211323001801JD34.bin
A7835574 – 211323001801JD54.bin
A7835576 – 211323001801JD74.bin
A7835580 – 211323001801JD79.bin
A7835582 – 211323001801JD59.bin
A7835644 – 211323001801J464.bin
A7835648 – 211323001801J469.bin
A7836364 – 211323001801J489.bin
A7836366 – 211323001801JD99.bin

A7837329 – 211325000401PD11.bin
A7837331 – 211325000401PD31.bin
A7837333 – 211325000401PD1D.bin
A7837335 – 211325000401PD3D.bin
A7837337 – 211325000401PD1J.bin
A7837339 – 211325000401PD3J.bin

A7837778 – 211323002001J484.bin
A7837780 – 211323002001J424.bin
A7837782 – 211323002001J444.bin
A7837784 – 211323002001J464.bin
A7837790 – 211323002001J449.bin
A7837792 – 211323002001JD94.bin
A7837794 – 211323002001JD34.bin
A7837796 – 211323002001JD54.bin
A7837798 – 211323002001JD74.bin
A7837804 – 211323002001JD59.bin

A7842566 – 211323002501JD39.bin
A7842568 – 211323002501JD39.bin

A7842978 – 211323002701J429.bin
A7842980 – 211323002701J469.bin
A7843302 – 211323002701JD39.bin
A7843304 – 211323002701JD79.bin