Below is a full run down all of all the tools features, and what they do!

Rev Limit Per Gear
This one is fairly self explanatory, set your desired rev limit per gear.

Rev Limit Based on Engine Temp
Again, fairly self explanatory, set your desired rev limit based on engine temperatures.

Idle Speed Based on Oil Temp
The idle speed will vary dependant on the temperature of the oil. Reducing the idle speed when the car is cold will reduce noise, and also be kinder on your bottom end / rod bearings.

VMAX Limit Removal
This option will remove the factory imposed speed limiter.

Cold Start Delete
Enabling this option will prevent the car from entering its ‘cat heating’ sequence, this results in a lower idle, less exhaust noise and reduced bearing wear. A must for anyone who has a modified or aftermarket exhaust.

SAP Removal (DTC Suppression)
Enabling this option will prevent the Secondary Air Pump (SAP) from running and will allow you to remove the pump without throwing any error codes or faults.

Primary Cat Removal (DTC Suppression)
Enabling this option will prevent errors or faults from being stored in the ECU should the primary cats be replaced with ‘test pipes’ or the stock headers replaced with items without cats.

Valet Mode (3K Limit)
Limit the vehicle to 3000 RPM at all times.

P500S’ power in ‘P400’ mode
Allows full power (500bhp) even when in P400 mode, never get caught napping in P400 mode again!

Enable AlphaN / MAF Delete (Experimental)
Puts your vehicles DME into AlphaN mode. This is not a replacement for a proper AlphaN tune.

Overrun Pops (Experimental)
Enables burble / pops / bangs on overrun. The result of this will vary depending on exhaust / cat setup.

Transmission Swap (Experimental)
Changes the configuration of the vehicles DME to look for either a manual, SMG or DKG (untested) gearbox.

Throttle Adjustments
This is fairly self explanatory, you can adjust the sensitivity or feel of the the electronic throttle in comfort / normal and sport modes.

Stage 1 / Stage 2 22RPD Performance Tune
ECUWorx can offer a highly developed and dyno tested performance tune in conjunction with 22RPD. Each tune gives significantly more power across the rev range.

Stage 1 is for vehicles maintaining stock catted headers.
Stage 2 is for those with catless headers etc.