MSS5x Binary Modification Tool Update!

It’s been a while since we updated the MSS5x Binary Modification Tool for the E46 M3 & E39 M5 so we thought it was time to add some of the top requested features.

New features include:

  • Kess V2 reads are now support.
  • Burble & Pop added for the E39 M5.
  • AlphaN added for the E39 M5.
  • Idle Speed adjustment for the E46 M3 & E39 M5.
  • Cat Protection threshold adjustment for the E39 M5.
  • EGT Monitoring disablement for the E39 M5.
  • GPS/Clutch Switch reconfiguration for after SMG to Manual swaps.
  • GPS disablement for SMG to Manual swaps.
  • Z4M Electric Fan settings for the E46 M3 Aux Fan.

As always updates for existing users are free of charge and the latest version of the tool can be found on the downloads page here.