New E60/E61 M5 & E63/E64 M6 (MSS65) Binary Modification Tool in development

At ECUWorx we know there is a lot of love for the BMW S85 V10 engine found in the E60/E61 M5 and E63/E64 M6s so we’re in the midst of developing a Binary Modification Tool for the MSS65 ECU that controls the iconic V10.

The tool is still in its infancy at the moment but we’ve got all the main functions and features nailed, these include:

– VMax limit removal
– Cold start delete
– SAP removal (DTC Suppression for removed hardware)
– Primary cat removal DTC suppression
– Post cat O2 sensor removal DTC suppression
– Rev limit per gear recalibration
– Rev limit based on engine temp recalibation
– Comfort / Normal / Sport Throttle adjustments
– AlphaN enablement

Tuning will be added before release