MSS5X Binary Modification Tool – Reviews & Testimonials

Phil B – M3Cutters:

So then bought a licence of this and enabled the rev-matching and inertia fix, went for another drive and MY GOD

The car is absolutely transformed, the noise it makes on downshifts is insane but more importantly it matches the rev’s absolutely perfectly! There’s no jerk when down shifting at all

And the speed it changes going up is so much better. Even in S4/S5 before it felt slow, now it’s neck brakingly quick

Absolutely love it, was thinking of selling up and buying a C63 but this has got me properly back into the car now!

Thanks Martyn for an epic product

Mr5 –

I just purchased this. And, I believe it will most likely be the best thing I’ve done to this car. The CSL rev matching has just made the SMG 10 times better.


Great program. please keep it up!

JRDWThomas – M3Cutters:


Just thought i’d leave a note to say how easy this tool is to use. I’ve applied everything i wanted and also the evolve map in under 20 minutes today and everything was dead simple. If only everything were as quick and easy to do!

Cracking tool Martyn. Well worth the money.

FStorm – M3Cutters:

Hi Martyn, thumbs up from me. Great little tool.

Thanks for your help in getting it working on my setup.

Jemster – M3Cutters:


Martyn, many many thanks. That was so easy! Anyone worried about battery backups etc, the whole process took under 90 seconds to complete. As long as your battery is even half-way decent, you won’t have an issue.

Just been for a spin and What A Difference! I can finally take the pillow off the dashboard for those 3rd -> 2nd change down headbutts

I also adjusted throttle sensitivity and added the Sport button memory, so much smoother in Sport mode I may never go back to comfort.

M8arx – M3Cutters

Just done this, enabled rev lights, burble and limiter. Very easy to use although i had a wee problem because i done a full read instead of a partial and it wouldn’t let me write with a full bin file – so i had to re-read doing a partial read and then make the changes, write them and it worked a treat. great tool. thanks

Chenn715 – M3Cutters

I used the tool a few weeks ago and found it silky smooth to use and did everything I wanted. Can’t wait to go for the map soon!

HARBER07 – M3Cutters

Just tried it and indeed you are correct, it works perfectly with an existing Evolve Map . I’m happy to support this all the way as its a life saving tool in my eyes. Helped get my Supercharger install up and running on time!

Ellerslie – M3Cutters

Uploaded the map and it works.

It’s noticeably different to drive especially up to 5K RPM.

The throttle feels much smoother at low speed and through the first 3rd of the pedal travel.

The main difference is the extra grunt in high gears and mid RPMs. Less need to change down now, just foot down and go.

Overall I’m very happy and Martyn’s software is very easy to use.

Well worth the £275, can’t recommend it enough.

LINDW4LL – M3Forum

I downloaded Martyn’s tool a couple weeks ago as I didn’t feel like screwing around with a hex editor.

Martyn sent my activation code promptly, and his software worked perfectly. The CSL shift maps in particular are a huge improvement. Thanks Martyn!

Treadstone – M3Cutters

Another very satisfied customer here. I’ve taken a lot of time reading this thread before biting the bullet and going for it myself yesterday. I was apprehensive about doing this mod myself but after reading so many excellent reviews I thought I’d jump in.

I installed BMWFlash and Martyns Binary Tool onto my Windows Surface Pro and grabbed a copy of the .bin file off my car. The license came through from Martyn within 10 minutes and I was able to make the mods and reflash the car.

It all went very smoothly and literally only took a couple of minutes so my worries about the battery going flat were unnecessary. I’ve only installed the CSL rev matching and inertia mod but it has literally transformed the car. It even seems to have gotten rid of that nasty judder I was getting frequently when pulling away.

All credit to Martyn for creating this tool and for his support.


M3PhilB – M3Cutters

I used Martyn’s awesome binary tool a few weeks ago to put the CSL rev matching bits onto my 2005 e46 M3 SMG (and loaded the CSL software into my SMG unit too) and was really happy with it

The tool is fantastically made, Martyn was quick to turn around the licence code and helped where I needed, and I love the difference it’s made (and the epic noise when down shifting haha)

This week he was nice enough to do the Evolve remap on my car for me too so I thought I’d chuck a bit of a review up

I cleared all the adaptations on my car and took it for a bit of a late night blast (around 30 mins) as standard to get a feel for it, then returned home, loaded the Evolve map onto the car, cleared the adaptations again and went for another drive.

Initial impression was it’s much smoother. The torque/power feels very linear with no hesitations or dips in power.

Part of the little test circuit I use for my cars is a long dual carriageway, so I got a chance to give it a bit of a blast through the gears. It’s clear to me that the car has more power in the high revs.
Previously as you got up to 6k it felt like it was struggling for breath and I usually ended up shifting early as it didn’t seem to make much difference pushing it all the way to the limit.
Now it pulls strongly all the way up to the shift light (and to be honest feels like the power is still climbing when you hit it!)

I’m absolutely over the moon with it. I haven’t chucked it on a rolling road yet (but will soon) but it’s a noticeable power increase and all for just £275. I know it sounds mad but I’ve noticed myself being pushed into the leather seat much more than before.

Compared to how much a decent induction kit or exhaust system costs for these cars I think it offers fantastic bang for buck. And as with my previous experience Martyn is a top bloke who’s always around to chat to.

Basically if you haven’t done it yet, get it done! Especially if you’ve got an SMG, the remap combined with the CSL shift and rev-matching really makes the car feel completely transformed. Hitting a country road and pulling through the gears, then hard on the brakes while down shifting into corners just feels superb.

See this thread if you’re interested in giving it a go ->…ht=binary+tool

(For anyone interested my car has a BMC Panel filter & Scorpion back box but otherwise from an engine performance point of view is standard)