MSS5x Binary Modification Tool – FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions I receive on a regular basis, most stuff is covered. If I’ve missed something or you want additional information, please do drop me a line!

Q:What do I need in order to use this software?
A: A partial read from your MSS52/54 ECU/DME using BMWFlash, MSSFlasher, Galletto or MPPS.

Q: What cable do I need to use BMWFlash or MSSFlasher?
A: Any FTDI based K-Line cable will work for this. It’s suggested that you use the FT232RL based cables, as they’re much more reliable.

Q: What exactly does the software do?
A: The software loads the ‘partial read’ taken from your ECU/DME and allows you to manipulate various settings without having to learn how to interpret hex or the underlying data contained within the ECU.

Q: What can I do with your software?
A: All of this:

– ‘Euro’ E46 M3 Performance Remapping in conjunction with Evolve Automotive.
– 155MPH Limiter removal
– SMG Style Shift lights on 6 Speed Manual cars (E46 Only)
– Sport button memory (remembers last setting after shutting off the vehicle).
– Dyno limit removal
– Rev limiter adjustment
– CSL SMG Shift / Rev matching + Inertia fix (E46 Only)
– Disable secondary air pump from running on cold start
– Enable burble and pop on over run / lift off (Childish but some love it)
– Disable fault code / check engine light for physical removal of the secondary air pump
– Disable fault codes / check engine light for cat deletes
– Disable fault codes for rear O2 removal
– EWS delete
– Comfort throttle map adjustment
– Sport throttle map adjustment
– Warm up light changes
– Transmission Swap (Manual to SMG and visa versa)
– SMG Final Drive Swap
– CSL Intake Flap Delete
– Cruise control enable (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– IAT Temp Sensor swap/re-scale
– MAP Sensor Swap/re-scale
– E39 M5 Servotronic Adjustment (Sport and Comfort)
– AlphaN enable/MAF Delete (E46 only)
– Disable cat protection (disables enrichment under high EGTs)
– Disable EGT Monitoring
– CSL Intake Flap opening control (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– Checksum correction

FAQs below:

Q: Is the software safe?
A: Yes, the software only makes changes to the ‘parameter’ space. The software does not make changes to the file you have loaded, the changes are saved out to a new file so you always have an untouched original which can be reflashed if you wish to restore back to your original parameters.

Q: Can’t I just make these changes manually with HexEdit or similar?
A: Sure you can

Q: Does your software correct the checksums?
A: Yup

Q. I want to try the ‘burble and pop’ feature. Will it wreck my cats?
A. Long term, possibly. Running a decat is advisable

Q. I’ve applied the inertia fix along with CSL shifting / rev matching. Do I need to update my SMG DME?
A. For best result, yes.

Q: Will this work with my tune from ‘tuner x’?
A: If you’re able to get a legit read from your ECU/DME that isn’t encrypted or scrambled then yes. However, the tool won’t touch any other parameters in your tune so your tune will not be negatively effected.

Q: I’ve purchased a license already, do I get upgrades when you update the software?
A: Sure you do, just download the latest build and your license will be read automatically.

Q: I want to make multiple changes to my car, do I need to purchase multiple licenses?
A: Nope, a single license will allow you unlimited changes to your ECU.

Q: What’s with the multi-version license?
A: The multi-license allows unlimited changes to any variant of the MSS52/MSS54/HP ECU, perfect for those who tune/tweak peoples ECUs for a bit of extra pocket money or for those who want to use the product commercially.

Q: I’ve decided I don’t want to use your software after purchasing it, can I have a refund? I’ve not used the software…..honest!
A: Due to the nature of software, refunds are not possible. If for whatever reason the software doesn’t work as expected, shoot me a mail, I’ll help you out where I can.