E9x M3 GTS DCT Remote Software Flash


E9x M3 GTS DCT Remote Software Flash



ECUWorx can remotely flash OEM GTS DCT software to your E9x M3.

The GTS flash improves the stock DCT software and adds the following features:

  • Reduces jerky or clunky downshift to first when coming to a halt.
  • Quick / sharper changes
  • Reduces clutch slip at higher RPM
  • Reduces delay when shifting from 1st to R, or N to R.
  • Sport mode memory remembers last ‘S’ shift level. Car will default to D2.

The GTS flash will not interfere with engine maps / tuning.

An ECUWorx Flashing Cable for E60 M5, E65 M6 and E92 M3, along with a Windows laptop and an internet connection is required for this service.

A non ECUWorx Flashing cable may result in a failed flash!