ECUWorx will be offering coding services @ M3ntal Genting Casino Meet #2 in Birmingham on Sunday 11th June

ECUWorx will be attending the M3NTAL CASINO MEET #2 ! on Sunday 11th June and will be offering discounted Evolve Automotive E46 M3 Remaps as well as the following coding:

– 155MPH Limiter removal
– SMG Style Shift lights on 6 Speed Manual cars
– Sport memory
– Dyno limit removal
– Increase rev limiter
– CSL SMG Shift / Rev matching + Inertia fix
– CSL ‘255’ SMG Software Upgrades
– Disable secondary air pump
– Enable burble and pop on over run / lift off
– BuildJournal Pops and Bangs
– Disable fault code / check engine light for physical removal of the secondary air pump
– Disable fault codes / check engine light for cat deletes
– EWS delete
– Comfort throttle map adjustment
– Sport throttle map adjustment
– Warm up light changes
– Transmission Swap (Manual to SMG and visa versa)
– SMG Final Drive Swap (Fixes auto mode for those with a different differential)
– CSL Intake Flap Delete
– Cruise control enable (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– IAT Temp Sensor swap/re-scale (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– MAP Sensor Swap/re-scale (CSL / CSL Clone only)
– CSL Intake Flap Control
– M-Track Enablement
– Vanos Tests

The following will also be available for the E90/92/93 M3:

– GTS DCT Software
– Competition Pack EDC coding
– Start / Stop Memory enablement
– LCI tail light coding etc

We are also available to fault code interrogation and clearance where required.

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